IngleDodd Media is an industry leader in both production and fundraising for a variety of official Guild, Union, and Society events including Award Shows, FYC Events, and other special Member Events.


IngleDodd Media has established itself an industry leader in production and support for events for our clients, ranging from awards shows that reap billions of press impressions, FYC events that deliver voters for every major awards event, to member-only events designed to raise awareness and serve our clients’ members.

Awards Shows

Award Shows are the largest and most meaningful events of the year for our clients. They pull worldwide focus on the organization, craft and members, and it’s where they get to honor and celebrate amongst their peers. They’re also your biggest opportunity for a competitive presence and public brand association.

FYC Events

FYC Events held directly with your target voters and peer-groups have more meaning and greater impact on the final vote. Take a deeper dive into how we curate targeted, custom FYC events (virtual and live) with our clients to inform industry voters and press on the amazing work of our memberships.

Member Events

Whether it’s Education Panels, Craft Seminars, Holiday Parties, Membership Mixers, Gifting Suites, or other special member-only events, there are numerous ways for brands and craft vendors to display, educate and initiate new relationships with our client memberships.