C. Jene Fielder

C. Jene Fielder Journeyman Make-up Artist

A true master at her craft, Jene Fielder was a passionate, committed and deeply caring individual, always focused on excellence in her work. She was among the specialized group of Body Make-up Artists who were a part of our union from its inception until the classification was absorbed into the make-up craft in the year 2000. An outspoken advocate for our union members, she was always willing to serve in whatever capacity she could use her voice to speak up and fight for our rights. Her artistry and abilities to make the actors skin perfection, she never settled for mediocrity and would take whatever time it took to achieve the correct look. She had a unique perspective on her craft and dedicated her talents to making sure all crafts that touched the skin – make-up, hair and costumes, as well as the actors – benefitted from her work. Jene began her career at Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Paramount Studios. Rarely did Body Make-up Artists stay on one show for an extended period of time, they personified the term Journeyman. The craft is physically demanding, and she traveled from show to show – Ghostbusters, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Scorpion King, Man Trouble, Harry and the Hendersons, Striptease, Batman Returns, and The Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story, plus dozens of television episodic productions. She was also the personal Body Make-up Artist for Michelle Pfeiffer on numerous films.

Jene was also very active within the Local, especially during contract negotiations. She was a strong presence during intense bargaining, smart and committed to raising the bar at all times. She stood strong, not only for her own classification but everyone around her. When the Body Make-up Artist classification was removed, she used that same passion to focus on becoming a Journeyman Make-up Artist in the early 2000’s and received her Gold Card in 2004. Jene withdrew from active membership in 2007, having served her Local with great talent, dignity and respect. She turned her focus toward her love of family, care of animals and her beautiful gardens and remained great friends with her 706 artists

She was never far away, always lending encouraging spiritual enlightenment and uplift with the same passion and intensity. She was a devoted friend, with razor-sharp wit and a love of laughter. But at the same time she was incredibly private. Very few knew she was ill until the very end of her journey. Our loving sister in body and in spirit, Jene Fielder-Harris passed away from brain cancer on March 18, 2015. Her sister, Sherry Caudle (also a Body Make-up Artist) precluded her in death in 2005, and niece Ashley Nycole McCarty survives her. Local 706 has not been notified of any memorial arrangements.